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Andre Drummond Releases A Song And You've Got To Hear It [VIDEO]

Say what you will, it's catchy.

May 14, 2019 - 2:22 pm

Listen, it's easy to mock those who stretch beyond their comfort zones while we stay safe in doing what we know so let's give credit to anyone brave enough to make the leap into the unknown.

That being said, some hills are so large they should be admired and not climbed. The hill that leads to the recording studio, for instance, when you're a world class athlete.

Many athletes have tried, and failed, to become successful recording artists.

Enter Pistons' Andre Drummond, who teased the world with a clip of a song on his Instagram account. The song is called, "Listen (feat. Tailz)" and it's released on what appears to be Drummond's own label, Drummxnd.  

“Listen” out now on all platforms-- Link in my bio! Send videos of you vibing to the new track and send them to myself & @iamtailz -- #LISTEN #AboveTheRim

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Say what you will, it's catchy. Reviewson Drummond's Instagram are positive, with one fan writing, "Center at day, rapper at night, genius my man Dre..." Another wrote, "Dre u bumpin."

The hook is: "Her boyfriend is a downgrade and she don't wanna listen." Download the entire song HERE on itunes.