Antonio Brown threatens to retire over new helmet rule

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Antonio Brown Threatening To Retire

Just when you thought the AB circus was over, it just gets crazier

August 09, 2019 - 5:19 pm

Just as the hubbub about Oakland Raiders wideout Antonio Brown’s frostbitten feet died down, the plot gets even thicker. The NFL is forcing players to wear a mandated helmet this year, and Brown isn’t having any of it. 

Players like Brown, Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady are being forced to change their headgear. Rodgers and Brady don’t seem to have any issues with it, but Brown is rioting. 

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it has everything to do with his vision. 

There have been reports that Raiders officials haven’t been able to get a hold of Brown, he has cut off all communication with the team, but nobody knew why. Now it’s being reported that the two sides have been arguing over the new helmet, and Brown claims if he can’t wear the helmet he’s been donning in the past, he won’t play at all. 

NFL Network’s Michael Silver has a great 20-tweet thread going explaining the whole saga, that is absolutely worth the read. 

If you don’t have the time, or aren’t Twitterly inclined, here’s the sparknotes. 

  • Brown has been very vocal about the new helmet rule and is the main reason he’s been missing camp. He’s outburst over the helmet has rubbed coaches and teammates the wrong way. 
  • While at camp, Brown has tried sneaking onto the field with his old helmet on three different occasions, he even painted it himself, but didn’t get the colors quite right. 
  • Brown had an outburst claiming that Brady and Rodgers aren’t required to wear the new helmet and left practice. Raider officials sent him a photo of Rodgers practicing in the new helmet and Brown showed up the next day like nothing happened. 
  • Brown is showing up late to meetings with the Raiders and spends more time on Instagram and looking at his bank accounts than paying attention. 

Probably the biggest part of the story is that if a player wears a non-mandated helmet during a game, the TEAM is liable and will be punished, not the player. That's why the Raiders are so against Brown wearing the old helmet, becuase it will money out of their pocket. 

The Raiders patience with the prima donna receiver, that they sent a third and fifth-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers to acquire, is thinning. Initially, it seemed like the Steelers got fleeced, that wasn’t nearly enough for a talent like Brown, but they look like geniuses now. 

At this point, the question is what’s next? Everytime the drama with Brown is cleared up, something more insane comes up. 

While it’s terrible luck for the Raiders, HBO is rejoicing at the news. The views on Hard Knocks is going to skyrocket. This is leaps and bounds more entertaining than the final season of Game of Thrones.