'Boat Guy' Gets Upset In The Stoney & Wojo Invitational

Many listeners were not happy with Miles.

The Valenti Show with Rico
July 10, 2019 - 6:24 pm

97.1 The Ticket -- Wednesday's Stoney & Wojo Invitational was full of fun and laughs -- and probably some new drops -- as Mike Stone of the "Jamie and Stoney Morning Show" and Bob Wojnowski of the "Bogey and Wojo Show" joined the "Valenti Show" to crown the top drops and songs of the year on 97.1 The Ticket.

The bracket was also full of some controversy -- especially in the Sweet 16 in the Stoney's Coke Region, where the beloved "Boat Guy" song surprisingly bowed out of the tournament at the mercy of Mike Sullivan's Zion Williamson song. It was a titanic matchup between the sweet, soothing sounds of Boat Guy's voice, watching the beautiful sun set into the west and Sully's infatuation with Zion.

Caller Miles ultimately put an end to the dreams of a Boat Guy vs. Boat Guy showdown in the finals.

"You guys might hate me for it. I don't want to take out Boat Guy, but I gotta go with Sully," Miles said.

"The gentlemen behind the glass are revolting, Ryan Wooley has double middle fingers up," Valenti said.

See the origins of the "Boat Guy" drop

The original drop behind the Boat Guy song also bowed out earlier than expect, falling to Stoney's Wipe in the Final Four. 

Stoney's unhygienic remarks fell short of the title, though, as Sully's old guy bit took the crown. Many listeners felt it was a justified champion and took solace in the victory after Boat Guy's double exit.