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Bob Quinn Dangling No. 8 Pick To Trade Down In Draft -- Rules Out Trading Up

"I’d rather move back a couple spots, if anything," he said.

April 18, 2019 - 5:15 pm

In case you hadn't heard, Lions GM Bob Quinn is open to the idea of trading down in the first round of the draft. The eighth overall pick is very much on the market. 

As for trading up, don't count on it. Quinn pretty much ruled that possibility out when he addressed the media on Thursday, a week before the start of the draft. 

"There’s a couple players right at the top that obviously you would love to have. I just don't think I have enough ammunition to get up there," said Quinn. "And I think like I said previously, I’d rather move back a couple spots, if anything.

"There’s definitely good players at the top, at the very top. There’s good players at (No.) 8, too, guys that we’re excited about. Hopefully a couple of them are there and we can choose from a couple of them. But I don’t think I’m going to be in the business of moving up in this year’s draft." 

Detroit's most obvious needs entering the draft lie at cornerback, guard, tight end, wide receiver and defensive end. Quinn's draft strategy has always been a blend of team needs and the best player on the board, though this year he said he's placing more emphasis on the latter. 

"Just looking at our situation right now, with what the board looks like and what our perceived needs are, probably pushing a little more toward the best available player. I think that’s a good thing. Things can change between now and September, but I think going into it this year we feel a little bit better about the depth at certain positions," Quinn said. 

It's his first time drafting in the top 10 in his four years with the Lions -- and he intends for it to be his last. Whether that will sway his decision to keep his pick or trade it, Quinn isn't yet sure. 

"This is uncharted territory for me, to be honest. I don’t really love it, but it is what it is. We’re going to go out and get the best possible player for the Lions to help us win, whatever position it is," Quinn said. 

The Lions currently own nine picks, including two each in the sixth and seventh rounds. They have the 11th pick in the second round and the 25th pick in the third round. 

Asked if there's a range he'd like to stay in if he does trade down in the first round, Quinn said it would depend on the offer. 

"It's really hard to say right now because some teams in that, say, (No.) 13 to (No.) 15 (range) don’t want to do anything. But you get an offer from (No.) 21 and it looks really good, you’re looking at the board and saying, alright, well, 8 to 21, that’s 13 spots, there’s 13 good players I like there.

"So you kind of have to do the quick math, look at your board and say, alright, I’m at least going to get that guy. And then you kind of evaluate it from there."