Bob Quinn "Very Comfortable" With Patricia After Investigation Of Sexual Assault Allegation

He said it didn't bother him that Patricia chose to hide it for so long. 

Will Burchfield
January 04, 2019 - 12:17 pm

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Speaking for the first time since an allegation of sexual assault against Matt Patricia resurfaced in May, Lions GM Bob Quinn said on Friday that he learned of the allegation shortly before it was reported by the Detroit News. 

After several ensuing conversations involving Patricia, Quinn, president Rod Wood and owner Martha Ford, the Lions decided to stand behind their head coach, who had been hired in February. 

"I first found out about it a couple days before the article came out," Quinn said. "Matt had gotten wind that the article was going to come out and came and told me. We had extensive conversations with myself, ownership, Rod, about everything, and then we put out that statement back in May about our support for Matt. That’s kind of how it went down," Quinn said. 

Patricia and a friend of his were indicted in 1996 ago by a Texas grand jury on one count each of aggravated sexual assault for an alleged incident involving a woman on South Padre Island. The accuser did not testify and the case was dismissed 10 months later. 

In the aforementioned statement, the Lions said the allegation did not come up during their background checks of Patricia. Patricia said he was falsely accused. 

Asked on Friday if it bothered him that Patricia didn't reveal the allegation prior to being hired, Quinn said it did not.

"Listen, for a high-level position, we do an extensive background check on everybody. And nothing came up," he said. 

Patricia's indictment can easily be found by searching his name in a public records database. The Lions missed it because their search only concerned criminal convictions. 

Pressed on this matter on Friday, Quinn said, "Listen, I’m not paid to do extensive background checks. I’m here to select the head coach, and I’m very comfortable with Matt Patricia as our head coach." 

Once the Lions conducted a follow-up investigation, both internally and externally, Quinn said there were no considerations of firing Patricia.

"After our conversations with Matt and Mrs. Ford and Rod, there was none.  ... We did extensive research. I’m not getting into what we did, but we did extensive research, externally as well, and with our conversations with Matt. That’s where I’m going to leave it," Quinn said.