Tom Brady Baffled By OSU's Dominance Of Michigan: “I Am At A Complete Loss"

Saturday was the Buckeyes' eighth straight win.

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December 02, 2019 - 1:11 pm

Tom Brady keeps sticking his neck out for his alma mater -- and keeps getting burned. 

Before last season's game between Michigan and Ohio State, Brady declared, "This is our year, baby! ... I think we're going to kick their butt."

You know how that ended. 

And this season Brady doubled down, betting a pair of his Patriots teammates and former Buckeyes that Michigan would get it done. 

You know how that ended, too. 

In an interview Monday with WEEI in Boston, Brady was out of answers. Asked via a text from a listener why Michigan can't beat Ohio State anymore, Brady cracked, "I think I was the caller who asked that question." 

“I am at a complete loss," he went on. "I have no idea. It’s been tough. I got a few bets I have to settle too, so that makes it even tougher.”

Those bets were with Nate Ebner and John Simon, who were teammates at Ohio State from 2009-2011. 

"Mostly pride and a few pictures," Brady said. "I'm sure you'll see at some point. If my face is covered, you'll probably know it's me." 

Ohio State's win over Michigan Saturday was its eighth in a row, and 15th out of the last 16. The last time Michigan controlled the rivalry ... Brady was on the roster. The Wolverines went 3-1 against the Buckeyes during Brady's career, while Brady went 1-1 as a starter.

Michigan won 10 of 13 from 1988-2000. It's been all Ohio State since. 

And Brady is as baffled as anyone else.