Caller Stew in Redford Rocks The Karsch and Anderson Show: "I Forgot To Add That I Ran From The Police'

An epic tale

Karsch and Anderson
July 17, 2019 - 4:00 pm

(97.1 The Ticket) Let's go to Stew in Redford ... Wait, wait, is this Kid Rock?

Listen to this epic caller to today's Karsch and Anderson show and decide for yourself.

Long story short, (but possibly too late for that), someone was hit in the head, there were some slaps, angry words exchanged.

Police were involved, he ran from them, but they eventually caught up with ole' Stew.

Throughout his long story, many people noted how much Stew sounded like Detroit's own Kid Rock.

Not so fast.

"More like Darren McCarty or Fred Durst," Stew said, clarifying for those who were confused.

But don't worry about him after his golf adventure. Stew's OK. He was hit in the head, but not the cranium.

He called back to clarify that he did run from the golf melee, and he did at some point open-hand slap "some old dude," which has landed him court dates in the past. In this case, they apologized to each other.

"It's crazy, I can't make this stuff up," he said.

The police asked if he wanted to press charges, he said, but "I was like I don't wanna press no charges."

All was alright, except that one tragedy emerged from Stew's tumultous day.

He asked the cops to let him finish the last nine holes of his game.

They said no.