Chicago Bears' Twitter Page Hacked

Sadly, Khalil Mack is not being traded to the Lions for "1$."

97.1 The Ticket
January 26, 2020 - 1:16 pm

97.1 The Ticket -- No, the Chicago Bears do not have a new owner.

No, Khalil Mack is not being traded to the Lions on the cheap.

Yes, the Bears' twitter account was hacked Sunday morning.

Confusion struck all across social media when the official Bears account tweeted "Welcome to our new owner," tagging @Turki_alalshikh, a Saudi official.

Shortly after, the hackers claimed responsibility, tweeting "Just kidding!" and revealing their identity as the group "OurMine." The group says they hacked the account to prove that "anything is hackable."

Virginia Halas McCaskey, the daughter of former Bears coach and owner George Halas, is still the owner of the team, as she has been since 1983.

As the hackers were still in control of the account, the people of NFL Twitter were having all sorts of fun with it, including @PrideOfDetroit, a Lions fan blog, demanding a trade for Bears linebacker Khalil Mack, in exchange for a 6th-round pick. "Twitter is a binding contract," the tweet said.

The hackers quickly responded "done, for 1$."

The Bears were quick to rectify the situation and tweeted an apology.