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Colin Cowherd: Michigan And Texas Aren't Football Schools [VIDEO]

I just think, "Great university," he said of Michigan.

September 13, 2018 - 1:47 pm

Michigan has the most wins in college football history. Texas ranks fifth. That doesn't mean they're football schools, according to Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports 1. 

"Michigan and Texas, we put them up there with Ohio State and Alabama," Cowherd said on his TV show, The Herd. "I don’t see Texas and Michigan as football schools. I see them as great American — when’s the last time Michigan beat Ohio State? Once in 15 years?" 

Michigan and Texas also constitute two of the most valuable programs in college football, with Texas ranking second and Michigan ranking third, according to Forbes.com. That would suggest a strong football brand on the part of both schools, but Cowherd isn't interested in that either. 

"I want W’s. I don’t care about brands," he said. 

Since 2008, Michigan is 75-54 with two bowl wins. Since 2010, Texas is 54-49 with three bowl wins. 

By contrast, Ohio State is 75-8 with four bowl wins -- including a national championship in 2014 -- since Urban Meyer took over as head coach in 2012. And Alabama is 127-14 with nine bowl wins -- including five national championships -- under Nick Saban, excluding his first season in 2007. 

"When you say Ohio State I think football. When you say Alabama I think football. When you say Michigan I think, ‘What a great school,'" Cowherd said. "I’ve had two agents that went to Michigan and an attorney. Guys that go to Michigan carry (fancy) suitcases. Medical school, law school, governors." 

Cowherd said the football programs at both Michigan and Texas are overshadowed by the cities in which they're located. 

"If I lived in Austin, Texas, I’d still take my girl and I’d go to 6th street and I’d have a great dinner. Ann Arbor’s more than football. I think we overvalue Texas and Michigan. Everyone’s like, 'Tom Herman stinks' and 'Harbaugh stinks.' Those schools aren’t as committed to football," Cowherd said. 

"The greater your city is, the more options for coaches, they leave earlier and they’re not as committed to football," he added. 

Thing is, Cowherd went on, Michigan and Texas think they're committed. 

"Michigan’s one of those guys -- you ever met a guy like this? He’s like, 'I’m a hard worker.' And you ask him how much he worked, and he’s like, 'Hey, I put 47 hours in.' And you’re like, 'Yeah, Nick Saban put 70 in.' Michigan thinks they’re committed; Ohio State’s committed. Texas thinks they’re committed to football; Alabama and Oklahoma are committed," Cowherd said. 

Both Michigan and Texas are 1-1 to start the season. The Wolverines began the year ranked No. 14, but have since fallen to No. 19. The Longhorns, who started off No. 23, have dropped out of the Top 25.