Comedian Has Fun At Lions' Expense: 'Of Course You Stink'

He's got a thing for Matthew Stafford's "big moon-pie face."

The Morning Show With Stoney and Heather
July 23, 2020 - 12:17 pm

Actor and comedian Jay Mohr is a Jets fan, so "it’s hard for me to throw shade at anyone," he said. 

But he couldn't help taking a few jabs at the Lions during an interview with the Jamie and Stoney Show. 

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"Matthew Stafford’s big moon-pie face is the only attraction I’ve got comedically," he said. "Ameer Abdullah being the bust out of Nebraska, why can’t you guys just take a running back that’s worth a damn? Everybody else in the NFL gets running backs that work at UPS and they run for 1,000 yards. You guys go, ‘How about that guy? He’s the best,' and they come in and just go to the bathroom. It’s amazing to me." 

Mohr, who once hosted his own talk show on Fox Sports Radio, actually likes Stafford. Loves him. 

"He's fantastic," he said. "What's not to like?"

Mohr believes Stafford, whose face "just more and more becomes a cartoon moon face, like a big, fat moon," has been let down by the players around him. 

"He has nothing to help him," said Mohr. "Ameer Abdullah stinks. You’re taking North Carolina tight ends at (10) in the draft. What? Of course you stink." 

How about the running backs they've tried to bring in? 

"Reggie Bush you got at the end of Reggie Bush. Jahvid Best, nobody goes, 'OK, here we go. This is great.' Where'd he to go college, Pac-12? Pac-12 running backs, no. Don't do it! Can't with with them," said Mohr. 

But don't worry, says Mohr. D'Andre Swift "is a great pickup. That guy’s great." 

So there's that.