Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Wants To Be Highest Paid Running Back

Elliott is still holding out after being offered a contract making him the second-highest paid back

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August 23, 2019 - 5:37 pm
Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott unable to get deal done

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The holdout saga continues. 

Ezekiel Elliott has yet to show up to training camp and it appears that won’t change despite the Dallas Cowboys offering him a contract that would make him the second-highest played running back in the league. 

This whole fiasco has been quite the rollercoaster. Looking back at last season, Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, president and general manager, fought tooth and nail for Elliott while the league tried multiple times to suspend him. Elliott was eventually suspended for four games at the end of the season, ruining everyone's fantasy football playoffs.  

Elliott then, entering the new year, announced he wouldn’t report to camp without a new deal. After a week of no news, Jones made a joke responding to a question about Elliott being absent from camp saying, “Zeke who?”

That did not go over well with Elliott’s camp, Jones felt that he ‘earned the right’ to joke about the situation.

Then there were rumors that the deal was close to getting done, which leads us right up to now. 

It’s honestly like trying to explain middle school drama, it’s ridiculous.

Joe Thomas, the former left tackle for the Cleveland Browns and future Hall of Famer, weighed in on the contract talks. 


He went on to talk about how teams are usually loyal to players that they draft and unafraid to pay them. 

Elliott would retweet the second Thomas tweet, not hiding the fact that he feels disrespected.

With the Cowboys season opener just 16 days away, and everyone’s fantasy drafts around the corner, it’s time for Dallas mend this issue. 

While the Elliott situation seems to be working towards a conclusion, the Melvin Gordon holdout from the Los Angeles Chargers has been radio silence. Who knows what’s going on there...