Ex-Michigan Commit Isaiah Todd Laughs Off 'True Colors' Of Team's Fanbase

Plenty of Michigan fans did support Todd in his decision.

Evan Jankens
April 16, 2020 - 1:34 pm
Isaiah Todd

© Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports


College recruiting has always been crazy to me. Particularly, the fact there are middle-aged people across the country ready to rip a high school recruit the moment he makes his college decision. 

Or in the case of former Michigan basketball commit Isaiah Todd, the moment he decided to turn pro. Shortly after he announced his decomittment from Michigan, Todd was bombarded with negative comments on Twitter.

Like this one, which has since been deleted by the user, who has since deleted the account: "Wow, we have a new young African American Coach here in Michigan and you just put a knife right in his back and into his future here. People continue to think about themselves. WTF"

Todd fired back at the hater and said "this fan base is showing their true colors..."

Of course, one fan doesn't represent the entire fanbase. Plenty of Michigan fans supported Todd in his decision, and others made to distance themselves from this one 'bad apple.'