Former Lions TE Eric Ebron Tells Sully To "STFU"

He just can't drop his old team.

The Valenti Show with Rico
July 22, 2020 - 2:06 pm

Eric Ebron treats the Lions unlike he treats a good pass. The former first-round pick just can't drop the team

Ebron, who played in Detroit from 2014-17, likes to get into it with fans on Twitter -- whether it's good or bad for his brand. So Mike Sullivan of the Valenti Show decided to engage Ebron after a recent back-and-forth with his old fanbase. 

Ebron responded with a good old fashioned "STFU." 

"Stfu. Stop mentioning me and I’ll stop mentioning y’all simple u get back what u dish out. Don’t wanna know y’all suck every year stop mentioning me. And well y’all will still suck lol," Ebron responded. 

Sully got in the final word, "Take your own advice dude. You weren’t even tagged in that original tweet. You don’t even play here anymore so idk why you’re obsessed with still tweeting Lions fans nonstop and ripping on the team. Just move on."

Sullivan seemingly baited Ebron into the response, but you would think a professional athlete would be wise enough to not go after fans.