Former Lion Nate Burleson Calls Out Racist Fan On Instagram

This troll wasn't getting away with it.

Evan Jankens
December 04, 2018 - 4:37 pm

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Social media trolls have no shame, but Nate Burleson is trying to instill it one guy -- and maybe even cost him his job. 

Burleson , the former Detroit Lions' WR, posted  a screen shot of a guy saying racist things to him on social media. He said he's leaving it up to expose him to the world.

The Patriots fans I interact with talk a little trash but don’t cross the line so I know this coward doesn’t speak for you. Since he wants to have the racist-twitter fingers let’s expose him to those who know him. I’ll leave this post up for a couple days... ✌--&❤️

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In today's social media world people can say anything and everything they want without any repercussions. 

I would like to applaud Mr. Burleson for calling out this Internet troll. The only problem is nothing will happen to this sad person.