The Big Three That Never Was: Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady

In the end, Hill and T-Mac joined forces in Orlando. 

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May 19, 2020 - 5:08 pm

Former Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause was the villain in 'The Last Dance' for allegedly breaking up the team in 1998.

Two years later, Krause tried to bring a new cast of stars to Chicago in Grant Hill, Tim Duncan and Tracy McGrady. 

That's according to Jamal Crawford, the former Michigan Wolverine who joined the Bulls as a rookie in the summer of 2000. Crawford said Krause was convinced he was going to land all three. 

"M.J. just retired and we have all this cap space," Crawford said on The Platform Basketball Podcast. "Grant, Tim, and T-Mac were all free agents and Jerry wholeheartedly believed we would get all three of them."

In the end, Hill wound up in Orlando via a sign-and-trade that brought Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins to Detroit. McGrady also went to Orlando, while Duncan stayed in San Antonio. 

But man, what a trio they could have formed in Chicago.