Jim Harbaugh Welcomes Juwan Howard With Open Arms, Doesn’t Acknowledge John Beilein

Valenti thinks thinks Harbaugh is a disgrace for Howard comments, lack of Beilein praise

The Valenti Show
May 24, 2019 - 8:45 pm

The month of May has been interesting for Michigan basketball fans. Beloved head coach John Beilein, who led the Wolverines to two Final Fours and one trip to the National Championship game, left to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The vacancy was then filled by former Michigan Basketball player, Juwan Howard, which led to Michigan’s head football coach Jim Harbaugh to tweet something that irked Mike Valenti.

“For Harbaugh not to say anything when Beilein left and to say something when Howard comes there… I think that’s a bad look for Harbaugh and I think it’s silly.”

Harbaugh's tweet comes before he made any mention of Belein’s 12-year stint at the University.

“John Beilein was nothing but classy. John Beilein had elevated that basketball program to heights that they hadn’t seen, not without cheating.”

Beilein went 278-150 with the Wolverines, winning the Big10 twice, something Harbaugh has yet to do, all without cheating.

“You got to remember,” said Valenti, “Juwan Howard was part of the Fab Five which was part of the biggest pay-for-play scandal in history. I love how everyone is just white washing that puppy, like the Fab Five are a bunch of rockstars. No. The Fab Five got paid. Chris Weber got paid. Ed Martin, dirtbag. Like, stop. Right now.“

For Harbaugh to acknowledge someone who left the University in shambles and then to ignore someone who changed the whole culture was something Valenti couldn’t wrap his head around.

“How does Harbaugh go out and say that, but you didn’t have anything nice to say about Beilein. All John Beilein did was act with class, all John Beilein did was win. I just think it’s a very bad look. If anybody enjoys propaganda, it’s Harbaugh, but jeez.”

Mike Sullivan had the same feelings toward Harbaugh.

"Harbaugh has to go out and at least congratulate Beilein. Was this some sort of subtweet or some sort of message he was trying to send. If he’s going to send out this tweet, it’s fine if he already sent out a tweet about Beilein… you can’t just jump into Juwan Howard without acknowledging Beilein.“

Valenti warned his listeners to not waste their time to call in and say something about Harbaugh and Beilein having conversations in private.

“Don’t waste your time to call and tell me he could have said something in private, don’t do that. That is not how it works in big boy land. You are the head coach of Michigan football. The head basketball coach just left, you need to say it publically. That’s how it works, that’s what adults do."

Harbaugh was destined to become the Michigan football coach because he was a ‘Michigan Man’, just like Howard, but Harbaugh had a great reputation. He was a winner at Stanford, he led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl, which they lost, but he had proof that he was a great coach.

Howard has nothing, except that he bleeds the Maize and Blue.

“You can’t sell that Juwan Howard is a winner,” said Valenti, “he’s never coached game. They can’t sell that Juwan Howard is an amazing recruiter, he hasn’t recruited a single player. They can’t sell anything about Juwan Howard except that he used to be a high-level basketball player 30 years ago, even though that team landed the school on probation. You can sell the Michigan man thing.”

Sully thinks that Michigan puts too much emphasis on coaching candidates being ‘Michigan Men’.

“There’s too much weight on the whole Michigan man criteria,” said Sullivan, “It means more than it should mean, it should be the best guy for the job.”

The Michigan brass seems to think otherwise, in fact they happily bringing back a player that was part of the biggest scandal in sports history, but Valenti thinks it's for a different reason.

“Michigan's former athletic director Don Canham said it, the entire Fab Five era was a disgrace to the University,” Valenti said, “Now? Kumbaya my Lord! This whole thing has been grotesque, but here’s the deal, they have to hide the fact that they couldn’t get a real coach.”