Journalist Fired After Pretending To Board Up Building In Photo Op

...and then taking off in her Mercedes.

97.1 The Ticket
June 03, 2020 - 10:51 am

You've probably seen the viral video by now. 

A young lady was posing for a photo where she acted as if she was helping board up a vandalized building in Santa Monica. Once she got her photo, she walked back to her Mercedes SUV and drove away. 

With over 27 million views on the video, you had to figure someone was going to figure out this woman's identity. 

Sure enough, Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin has been found. And to make matter worse, she's a journalist. Moriarty-McLaughlin writes for the Washington Examiner.

Well, not anymore. 

According to reports, Fiona has been fired from the Examiner.