Karsch And Anderson's Lions Prediction Show: Caller With 'Rocket Ship' Line Gets Big Laughs [AUDIO]

Karsch and Anderson
September 07, 2018 - 12:30 pm

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports


(97.1 The Ticket) The annual Detroit Lions season prediction show unfolded Friday on Karsch and Anderson ... and that was interesting and all. Some see good things in the team this year, many see the negative.

But one thing in particular stood out: This guy.

Call him Matt from Mount Clemens. He started off his call pleasantly enough, saying he believes the Lions have the talent, especially on the offense, to win games this season. He thinks they could go 10-6, maybe even 11-5.

Then the conversation takes a turn. Hear the podcast HERE.

"Matt Patricia is clueless. We've seen this movie so many times, Rod Marinelli, Marty Mornhingweg, Jim Schwartz ... Rookie head coach. I tell you this guy is to the Lions what Brad Ausmus was to the Tigers. You do not give a rookie coach the keys to a veteran team. I called it before pre-season, 5-11. The guy was a mediocre defensive coordinator at best. He's a rocket scientist, big deal. When Martha Ford needs a rocket ship, she can call him."

The rocket ship line had Doug Karsch laughing hard.

"Last year's defense was a pretty good defense," Gator countered. "You planted your flag, you say you called it even before pre-season, and that's fine."

But Gator argued that it may have been unfair to judge coach Matt Patricia that early. 

"If they lay an egg on Monday night, call back on Tuesday," Gator said.

Other callers went as bold as saying the Lions will go 12-4 this year, predicting "Patricia's going to get them over the top this year."