Kate Upton Tweets About Controversial World Series Call, Complains About Reaction

"Bangs a player... now she's an expert."

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October 30, 2019 - 11:12 am

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


(97.1 The Ticket) Kate Upton has stayed silent on Twitter while the Houston Astros -- the team her husband Justin Verlander plays on -- faces The Nationals in the World Series.

Then she broke her silence -- and probably regretted it.   

First, some context: There was a controversial interference call during the seventh inning of Game 6 when the Nationals had runners on second and third with zero outs with a 3-2 lead. A Nationals player was ruled out for interfering with a throw to first by stepping outside of the base path while he ran to first. The Nationals tried to lodge a protest over the call, but were denied, and eventually their manager was ejected from the game for lashing out at the umpires.

While the call was being haggled out, swimsuit supermodel Kate Upton tried to explain the rule.

Fans were not exactly welcoming.

Her attempt at schooling the audience was met with responses like "LOL" and "Final result? Astros got beat, despite the heavy assistance the umpires provided them. #WorldSeries.

Eventually, Upton sent a second tweet complaining about misogyny in sports.

That invoked responses like, "Bangs a player... now she's an expert" and "It has nothing to do with women fighting for equality, Kate. It has to do with a person dealing with jealous, vulgar people who are trying to get under your skin. Tell 'em to Sod off, Kate!"

Somethings tells us she may take another break from Twitter after this.