Kelly Stafford Sounds Off About Fans And The Media In Instagram Post [PHOTO]

Matthew Stafford had a really bad performance against the Minnesota Vikings.

Evan Jankens
November 05, 2018 - 2:27 pm

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports


Matthew Stafford had an ugly performance Sunday against the Vikings. He was sacked 10 times and failed to lead the Lions into the endzone. 

He has been criticized by many for his play, but at least one person isn't having it. Not at all. That would be his loyal wife Kelly, who decided to give her two cents about the situation. 

"It's funny to me how media and some fans think they know either the game or how to play the game of football better than the coaches and players who do it professionally. There is a reason they are employed to do this and you are not. If you think you can do it better than give it a try.. but until then, please just sthu."

Personally I respect that Stafford's wife stands up for him. Sure, there's plenty of blame to be placed on the quarterback, but why should we blame someone's wife for sticking up for her man? 

It's been a rough couple weeks for Stafford. After helping the Lions back to .500 with consecutive wins last month, he played poorly in a disappointing loss at home to the Seahawks. Then the team traded his best receiver. 

Then came Sunday in Minnesota, where Stafford was sacked the most times in a single game in his career. The previous high was seven, which also happened to come against the Vikings.

Stafford has been sacked five times or more in 15 career games, seven of which are courtesy of Minnesota.