Lions' Best Reactions To Harrison Trade: "Oh, We Got Snacks? Where They At?"

The NFL's best run-stopper in on his way to Detroit.

Will Burchfield
October 24, 2018 - 7:07 pm

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The Lions turned the football world into a furor on Wednesday morning when they acquired defensive tackle Damon Harrison from the Giants, as reported by Adam Schefter. Not only is Harrison one of the best run defenders in the league, he came at the scant cost of a fifth-round draft pick. 

For the Lions, it was the perfect way to plug the biggest hole on their roster. They've allowed the third most rushing yards per game and the most yards per carry this season in the NFL. Harrison's led the league in run stops each of the past three seasons and is tied for second this year, according to Pro Football Focus. 

When word spread via Twitter that "Snacks" was on his way to Detroit, the Lions immediately celebrated the news. The nickname is one that Harrison earned with the Jets when teammates and coaches noticed he was always eating during team meetings -- quite often Rice Krispies Treats. 

Michael Roberts and Jamal Agnew weighed in first. 

When the Lions locker room opened later in the day, the first question asked of Glover Quin was how he felt about the team acquiring Snacks. Quinn tried to deflect it at first, understanding that the trade wasn't yet official.  

"Oh, we got snacks? Where they at?" asked Quin, smiling and pretending to search his locker. "Oh man. I mean, I haven’t seen him yet, so hopefully he makes it in and it’s all official." 

Quin, of course, had heard the news earlier in the day. His reaction?

"Nice move, nice move. Obviously he’s a great player, great run-stopper. I mean, last year I think he had almost as many tackles as I did -- as a D-tackle. I think one year he had, what, 70-something tackles and then 80-something tackles. As a D-tackle? That’s crazy," said Quinn. 

Indeed, Harrison had 72 tackles in 2015, 86 in 2016 and 76 in 2017. He ranked among the top three defensive linemen each year, including first in 2016. He has 31 tackles this year, which is fourth among defensive lineman. 

Quin, a safety, had 84 tackles last year. He likes the message the front office is sending to the team by trading for a player of Harrison's caliber. 

"We’re in a good spot right now, and we got our head down grinding. They found an opportunity to get better, to get a guy like that who can come in and help us out, and we’re all for it," he said. 

Fellow defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois, who pointed on Monday to the run defense as the Lions' main weakness, knows what Harrison can add to the mix. 

"Oh, everybody pays attention to who Snacks is, everybody pays attention. You’ve seen what he’s done in the game. His name rings bells around the league, especially in the run game. He can come in and help us, but I gotta see how he fits in with us first," said Francois. 

As for the Lions' aggressiveness on the trade market, Francois said, "You know Bob Quinn, you always see him on the phone, you know he’s up to something. He’s gonna try to make his team better. He’s not gonna get into that phase of rebuilding, you’ll never hear him say nothing like that. He’s just into the phase of, ‘We gotta win now.’

"And while we got the opportunity, he’s got the picks, so whatever he's gotta do to make the team better, he’s gonna do that. It’s about the team, the team first." 

The Lions are 3-3 heading into Sunday's game against the Seahawks, and very much in the hunt in the up-for-grabs NFC North.

Francois, who owns several Dunkin' Donuts stores down South, said he might try to sell his new teammate on an endorsement deal. After all, his nickname is made for it. 

"He may get a donut here and there, but he might want a discount. If he buys a bunch of them, we’ll give him a discount. His name’s Snacks, so he probably can eat us out of business – and make us rich at the same time," Francois said. 

Other Lions welcomed Harrison to the team via Twitter. 

One person who's not thrilled about Harrison's trade to Detroit? Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, whose run-heavy offense will likely have to deal with Snacks on Sunday. 

"Let’s hope he’s going to take his time getting there. Maybe he can drive or something and get there on Saturday. That’s the best thing that’ll happen for us, if he arrives on Saturday," Carroll joked. 

Carroll has already seen enough of the 6'3, 340-pound defensive lineman over the years. 

"Snacks has been a big-timer for a long time. We caught him back in the Jets days when he was unheralded and he came to the surface as a playmaker. Then, of course, he went to the Giants and carried it on there. He’s a good football player. Big presence, really good in the running game and disruptive in the pass rush, too," Carroll said. "It’s a great get for them."