Lions Reportedly Pass Up 'Good Trade Offers' To Draft T.J. Hockenson

Ultimately, the appeal of T.J. Hockenson was too strong. 

April 25, 2019 - 10:00 pm

Bob Quinn talked frequently about trading down from the eighth overall pick in the leadup to the NFL Draft. And he had multiple chances to do so as the first-round unfolded Thursday night. 

"Good offers," came Quinn's way, according to senior analyst Gil Brandt. 

Ultimately, the appeal of T.J. Hockenson was too strong. 

The Lions drafted the Iowa tight end, as many thought they might, supplying Matthew Stafford with another weapon.

It's unclear what the Lions were offered for pick No. 8, but numerous teams were believed to be interested in moving up. That includes the Steelers, who traded the 20th overall pick, their 2019 second-rounder and their 2020 third-rounder to the Broncos to move up to No. 10. 

Pittsburgh selected Michigan linebacker Devin Bush. 

For many Lions fans, the selection of Hockenson instantly brought back nightmares of Eric Ebron. 

But Quinn made it clear prior to the draft he would not be swayed by the mistakes of the regime before him -- or the fears of the fanbase. 

"In all due respect to the fans, I can't take their sentiment into who I draft and who I sign for this team. And I wasn't the person that drafted Eric, so I think it's completely two different conversations," Quinn said.