Matthew Stafford: How Many Career Playoff Wins Will He Have?

Bogey & Wojo debated

The Bogey & Wojo Show
July 18, 2018 - 9:51 am

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(97.1 The Ticket) An ESPN Insider report asked reporters which NFL team is set up to go on a Super Bowl run -- Who's next in line?

The Minnesota Vikings were on the list, as were the New Orleans Saints, and the Los Angeles Rams. No one chose the Detroit Lions.

"It got me to thinking," 97.1 The Ticket host Kyle Bogey said. "Matthew Stafford basically has five more years of being in his prime. This is a five-year window. This contract, when it's up, I think we'll kind of have a better understanding of what Matthew Stafford's effort is and if he, in fact, had a quality career as a Lions quarterback.

"If you had to pick, or come up with an over/under on playoff wins for Matthew Stafford by the end of his Lions career, what would you set it at?"

Stafford would have to win at least three to be part of a Super Bowl team, co-host Bob "Wojo" Wojnowski pointed out.

Even so, Bogey said most people assume the answer is zero, as in Stafford will have zero playoff wins in his entire career.

"I don't think that's true," Wojo argued.

Wojo went out on a limb and predicted Stafford would win three over the next eight years.

"He hasn't gotten one in the last nine years," Bogey said in disbelief. "I think you're being ... You're very much underestimating how pessimistic Lions fans are."