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Stafford Shrugs Off Snub From Suh: "Well Done, Classic Suh"

Where's the love, Ndamukong?

November 29, 2018 - 6:58 pm

In some respects, Ndamukong Suh thinks back fondly on his time with the Lions. He cites the 2014 team as the best one he's been on in the NFL. He points to Jim Caldwell as one of his favorite coaches. But when it comes to Matthew Stafford, the love dries up. 

With Suh returning to Detroit on Sunday to face the Lions for the first time since departing as a free agent after the 2014 season, he seemed to intentionally spurn Stafford when discussing the best quarterbacks he's played with over his nine-year career. His current QB, Jared Goff, tops his list, as Suh made clear in an Instagram post in October. 

"I’d say another guy that I enjoyed being around was Jay Cutler," Suh said on Wednesday, via the Rams official website. "Obviously, playing against him many years in the black and blue division up there in Detroit, being able to get to know him down in Miami, he’s a great dude. I enjoy the quarterbacks I’ve been around, but probably those two the most."

Suh was teammates with Cutler for just one season in Miami. He and Stafford were teammates for five seasons in Detroit, had close-by stalls in the team's locker room, and led the Lions to two of their most successful seasons in recent memory in 2011 and 2014. But Suh certainly doesn't appear to have a special place in his heart for No. 9. 

When told on Thursday about Suh's snub, Stafford brushed it aside. 

“Well done, classic Suh. Pretty good stuff," Stafford said. 

Asked about his relationship with Suh during their time as teammates, Stafford said, “It was cool. His locker was right over there. I had a good experience with him and he was a really good player obviously." 

Suh, 31, is in the midst of another strong year in his first season with the Rams. He and Aaron Donald comprise the most fearsome duo of defensive tackles in football, a duo that the Lions once could have unleashed themselves. A draft pick by the name of Eric Ebron got in the way of that. 

Asked if he's looking forward to laying his hands on Stafford Sunday, Suh smiled and said, "He’s just another quarterback that’s in our Rams way of getting where we want to go."

Stafford, likewise, downplayed the idea of encountering Suh. 

“Just playing another opponent, really. Good player, been a good player in this league for a long time," he said. 

As for returning to Detroit, Suh said he's excited. 

"I love the city of Detroit. I spend my time in the offseason there. Got great people that I communicate with and see, great business town, a lot of people that I consider mentors are there that I go and see and meet different places. Overall, amazing city," he said. 

He didn't have quite the same praise for the Lions. 

"I’ll refrain from my comments about the organization," he said with a laugh. "Like I said, the city is amazing, great people there. I look forward to seeing a bunch of them. I’m glad we’re going in on a Friday so I have some time to catch up with folks, but refrain from the organization, to say the least."

Nine years into his career, Suh, a three-time first-team All-Pro, has yet to win a playoff game. It's the most glaring hole on his resume. He has a pretty good chance to fix that with the juggernaut Rams. 

"I think everybody wants a Super Bowl," he said. "Obviously I have been very, very blessed to have individual accolades, as well as some team accolades. Always (think) back to the 2014 team I was with in Detroit. Amazing team, amazing coach that I had there in Jim Caldwell, did some special things, broke some records. I think the next step is continuing to go further in the playoffs and hopefully get a championship."