Michigan Is Better Than MSU Basketball Right Now [OPINION]

Caputo & Fithian
December 06, 2018 - 11:17 pm

DETROIT (97.1 THE TICKET) - C'mon. Be honest. Michigan is better than MSU basketball right now. 

Sometimes I feel bad because it seems to be all about the NCAA tournament, says 97.1 The Ticket's Pat Caputo. 

"I don't care whether your pool is going well or not." 

I love regular season college basketball. I love conference games. It's going to be Michigan vs. Michigan State - right down to the stretch - they play those games late in the year.  

"There was no question Michigan was better and I think that they are better this year too."

It's going to be interesting about MSU -- they don't have the talent they did last year  -- but the sum of their parts could add up to be something more. Those games are going to be epic ... regular season college basketball games that are going to be epic. 

But right now, says Caputo, Michigan is justifiably ranked higher than the Spartans.