Michigan Will Continue To Lose To Ohio State ... Unless This Happens [OPINION]

Caputo & Fithian
December 05, 2018 - 12:20 am

DETROIT (97.1 THE TICKET) - Urban Meyer's record at Ohio State is nothing short of amazing. 

The football program has lost only five Big Ten games the entire time he was there -- they absolutely destroyed Michigan -- an exclamation point for his time in Ohio. 

But, as The Ticket's Pat Caputo says, any thought that Michigan is now going to take over once Urban Meyer retires is just not true. 

"Urban Meyer won big there but so did Jim Tressel before him. The only year that Michigan beat 'em was the year Luke Fickell was the interim coach. 

"Ohio is a hotbed for talent," says Caputo. "Ohio State gets every kid out of there that they want. When they don't ... Michigan is not in on the kids."

Michigan will continue to lose to Ohio State unless they are able to seriously recruit in Ohio.