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Michigan's Chris Partridge Out To Settle Score With OSU Defectors

"Those guys left and it was another shot. It wasn't OK."

April 11, 2019 - 3:19 pm

A relatively quiet offseason for Michigan's football team got a bit louder on Thursday. 

Special teams coordinator and safeties coach Chris Partridge was the one to stir the pot. 

Reflecting on last season's 62-39 loss to Ohio State, Partridge told reporters, "I've got blood in my mouth. I don't wake up a day and not think about it." 

He also thinks about this: the defections of former assistants Greg Mattison and Al Washington to the same team that delivered that embarrassing loss. 

"I want to be candid," Partridge said, via the Free Press. "Those guys left and it was another shot. It wasn't OK. That's how I feel. I'm not speaking for anyone else. I'm ultra-motivated and I make sure my guys, whenever I get in front of them, they hear it. ... 

"I want to take this thing, hit it in the mouth and go get it. I just think each person is motivated in their own way, but I know my personal opinion. I'm going to coach harder than I ever imagined I could coach. And we're going to try to make sure that scoreboard never looks like it did last year (again)." 

Mattison spent a total of 13 years at Michigan, including four under Jim Harbaugh, before deciding to join Ohio State. He'll be co-defensive coordinator on the staff of new head coach Ryan Day, an opportunity he said was too good to turn down

"I'm not going to pretend to understand the reasons," Partridge said. "All I know is we're here. And the people who are here, we're locked arms. Ready to go. Ready to walk down that alley and do what's needed to win and that's all that I care about. 

"That was his decision. He made his bed. He's got to lie in it. So here we go." 

Washington, a defensive assistant for one year at Michigan, left for Ohio State to become its linebackers coach/recruiting coordinator. A Columbus native, he cited the opportunity to return home as the main incentive behind his decision. 

None of it matters to Partridge. The way he sees it, Mattison and Washington are deserters. He hasn't spoken with either one of them since they left, and has no plans to anytime soon. 

"No. No desire to. No desire at all," Patridge said. "I've been here going into my fifth year. I consider myself an alum of Michigan, just like someone who goes to Michigan for four years and graduates. I'm here. I'm for Michigan. I'm 'Go Blue' all the way."