Mike Tirico Talks Valenti Off The Edge About Lions OC Hire [VIDEO]

"Your Spartans are good," Tirico told him.

The Valenti Show
January 17, 2019 - 3:37 pm

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In case you hadn't heard, Mike Valenti is no fan of Lions new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. He doesn't think Bevell's run-first style jibes with the direction of the NFL. 

Valenti aired his grievances Wednesday afternoon when the hire was announced and he was back at it on Thursday. 

In fact, he got so worked up early in Thursday's show in response to a Ticket Text that a longtime friend of 97.1, who was driving through the area and listening in his car, felt compelled to call in: Mike Tirico. It was Tirico's mission to talk Valenti off the ledge. 

"It's going to be a long offseason," Tirico told him. "Pace yourself. I hear you, just pace yourself. It's blind passion of incredibly desperate fans. It's okay. This is the time of the year for complete irrationality to set in, so it's fine, it's okay. Just pace yourself, you got a long offseason coming up." 

Tirico even brought up Michigan State's No. 6-ranked basketball team to calm Valenti down: "Your Spartans are good." 

The Spartans take on Nebraska Thursday night. Just look foward to tip-off, Tirico said. 

"When are you on until, 6? You got a long afternoon," he said. "Build slowly toward Pinnacle Bank Arena at 8:00. You're fine, just enjoy the day. Snow's coming, you'll be good."