Mike Valenti: Don't Blame The Refs In Lions Loss, Blame The Team

Losers blame the refs, winners don't look for excuses, he added. 

The Valenti Show
October 15, 2019 - 4:04 pm

Most people have their own traditions that involve Christmas and Thanksgiving, but Detroiters have some of their own ... and one involves the day-after conversations Lions fans have about NFL refs and why they have it out for the Honolulu blue.

In Mike Valenti's view that's a faulty reaction even when the refs are clearly wrong.

As usual, the Lions displayed that they have "new and unusual ways to screw themselves," in the Monday Night Football loss to the Packers.      

"I don't use the officials as an excuse because 99 times out of 100, you put yourself in a position to be screwed," he said.

The refs didn't drop a touchdown pass, the Lions did; The refs didn't settle for five field goals. The refs didn't only produce 58 yards of offense in the second half.

Don't blame the refs, blame the team.

"If you're not going to start playing better football, you're not going to win more games," he said, adding the team's effort is "not good enough."

The play is just good enough to appear good when it's not.

Losers blame the refs, winners don't look for excuses, he added. No amount of calls should have saved The Packers.

"Your offense didn't show up after the first quarter, you didn't play well ... I'm tired of watching this team not play well."

He added the Lions franchise is considered garbage in the league and the only way out is to rise above bad calls and change the narrative.

"The Lions deserved to lose that football game," he said, adding, "You're not good enough, you're not running the ball. You're not stopping the run ... Your red zone offense sucks. Fact."