Mike Valenti: Everyone Wanted What Happened Between U-M, MSU, Including The Coaches

"You did what you did, you love it deep down, you love it."

The Valenti Show
October 22, 2018 - 2:25 pm



(97.1 The Ticket) Mike Valenti thinks Michigan State and University of Michigan football fans, players and coaches liked the pregame on-field antics that happened Saturday.

The whole thing where MSU players allegedly clothes lined Michigan players on the field, and then Devin Bush was seen using his cleats to try to destroy the Spartans image on the field ... That was a positive as Valenti saw it.

"We walked, we wanted that. And you know what? Michigan wanted that. Don't play innocent, don't play that role. 'Oh, we just had eight guys out there for no reason in particular.' What, did 90 percent of your team blow off coaching instructions to get out there and stretch? Stop. You had enough adults on the field to stop your guys. We had enough adults to stop our guys. We wanted that to happen. You wanted it to happen. What did you think was going to happen as MSU was walking down the field? Or as Devin Bush was in his three-point stance? What did you think, they were going to break out into song, into Boogie Wonderland? Everybody involved wanted that to go down. Just check yourself at the door. No one's right."

He later added: "You did what you did, you love it deep down, you love it."

He said he thought Devin Bush looked like an idiot, and "Guess what? I thought it was hilarious." He added his antics wouldn't look good to NFL scouts.

Even though it was an ugly loss for State fans, the fact Michigan players and fans and Coach Jim Harbaugh got so emotional about their win means Spartans got what they've wanted for years. To be treated like a legitimate rival.

Overall, Valenti had separate messages for Spartan and Michigan fans.

For the Spartans, it was this. "Spartans, stop crying, please. For a decade you've begged for them to hate you. You've begged for them to care."

For the Wolverines, he said this. "Wolverines, I'm proud of you. You were honest."

He said the players were honest about passionate they were about the win, Harbaugh was honest as he celebrated like his team had just won the Super Bowl.

Harbaugh  talked at length during his presser about the Spartans on-field behavior before the game. Of the clothes line incident he said, ""Michigan State locked arms and used every inch of the field in their walk with the intention of going through or over our guys in a physical manner. To call that unsportsmanlike or to call that bush league is putting it mildly," Harbaugh said. "That could have been a real unfortunate incident."

Harbaugh deemed Michigan State's actions "bush league" after the game, according to 97.1 The Ticket sportswriter Will Burchfield, and called out Mark Dantonio for being "five yards behind it all smiling." Dantonio called Harbaugh's comment BS and said the video evidence would prove it. 

As it turned out, Dantonio did appear to be smiling when the confrontation took place. 

Harbaugh doubled down on his criticism Monday. 

"It’s the opposite of BS. Coach said that was BS, but that's not BS. That’s fact. And I think it’s something now the two athletic directors really need to get together and talk about," Harbaugh said, before reading from the piece of paper he came prepared with. "I’ll go one step further and use Coach Dantonio’s words from a few years back: 'It’s not a product of the team, but their program.' Again, that’s using his words." 

 Both coaches are acting like kids, Valenti said.

"This is sports war, embrace it," he said, adding Spartans fans need to "nut up."

Of the game, Valenti said it was simply a matter of Michigan being a better team than State. "You looked like you had every right to believe you're a college football playoff team," he said. "The real season is right now, and you've earned it."

For the Spartans, he said the loss could be positive if it becomes a seminal moment for change.  

"Bottom line, Harbaugh has thrown the gauntlet down," he said, adding, "You better react."