Mike Valenti: Jim Harbaugh Proved He's The Most Overrated Coach In America

"They are fireable decisions."

The Valenti Show
September 09, 2019 - 2:19 pm

(97.1 The Ticket) Mike Valenti started off the show Monday with a bang by questioning University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's mental competence.

"The bottom line is this ... You have the most overrated coach in America, I don't give a damn what anybody says. This is year five ... Year five. I've got no idea what it is you do. No idea where you hang your hat ... and above all you've got a head coach in Jim Harbaugh who made two decisions that would have made Jim Caldwell blush."

Speed and space? Space and speed? "My balls," Valenti said. "Fourteen straight running plays, baffling decisions that made me question his competencies," Valenti said, adding that if Mark Dantonio coached the same way as Harbaugh this weekend, "I would be screaming. They are fire able decisions."

In short, Valenti wasn't having it.

A sloppy mix of turnovers and penalties, a team obviously fighting for their lives, down 14-7, needing an Army mistake to save their ass ... "It'll be the same thing as when you went to Columbus and gave up the booty," Valenti said.

The running game stinks, the offense is an embarrassment, the quarterback is no good, and Michigan fans have been sold a lie, according to Valenti.

"The decision to throw the ball down by the goal line there, that was a bad call ... And Harbaugh had two -- TWO!" he said.

He added for State, he's pumped the team took a step forward this weekend. "But with Michigan? I think there are major problems. Your coach isn't doing a good job and I don't know who's calling the plays. Frankly, you should have lost to Army... You needed Army to do what they never do, make mistakes, and you ran around like you won a title."

He added that if any other coach had make the same mistakes as Harbaugh, even Matt Patricia, he would be eviscerated. 

When it comes to the NFL, in true Detroit Lions fashion, the team blew an early lead to end up tying with the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

It was an epic SOL moment among decades of the same.

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