Mike Valenti: It's Over For Dantonio

He didn't hold back.

The Valenti Show
October 29, 2019 - 12:19 pm

Michigan State University's football program has become a joke, per Mike Valenti.

The loss this weekend drove home that point.

The team has reached a point where the athletic director is a placeholder, and it's time for a new kind of conversation about the leadership.

"There is no more discussion about how Mark should get to go out ... A real university that's serious about football and serious about their product, which MSU has proven not to be, would go to Dantonio and say, 'OK, this is done. We can do this the nice way or we can do this the nasty way. Which way would you like to do it? However you want to frame that, we're willing to work with you on it. We'll hand you an ice cream cream cone. If you want rainbow sprinkles, we'll roll it in the sprinkles for you. But you're done, it's over, you're out. There is no more reshaping it, there is no more 'I'll try again.' There is no more firing your church buddies over again. It's all over."

He added that Dantonio has used up all of his good will and it's time let MSU "retire" him.

They could name the field after him, commission a statue, rename Beaumont Tower for him, let him pretend to weigh in on a new coach, whatever it takes -- but he has to go.

It's not acceptable to be outscored 100-17 and be totally non-competitive.

"It's over. The coaching staff was such an embarrassment ... What they were doing was malpractice," Valenti said, adding, "What are you doing? What planet are you on?"