Mike Valenti: Juwan Howard Hire Is 'The Most Michigan Thing Ever'

All sizzle, no steak

The Valenti Show
May 22, 2019 - 4:59 pm

When it comes to hiring a coach, there's one fundamental truth: You can't turn the keys over to someone who has never coached a game in his life.

End of sentence. Period. Full stop.

Based on that, 97.1 The Ticket host Mike Valenti said the hiring of Juwan Howard as the new coach of Michigan basketball was a bad idea. Meant to unite a fervent fan base, it's a "dud of a hire," Valenti said.

So why did they do it? Valenti has a theory.

"They love to crawl up the ass of a good Michigan man ... ooh, he went to school here, he knows the values, he's a Michigan man. You'll look past all the foibles he may have, all the deficiencies in the resume because he's a Michigan man," Valenti said. "Now, you just hired a coach who has absolutely no resume. None."

What kind of offense does Juwan Howard run? No one knows. He's never done it before. What's his scheme? Ditto. What does he draw on the white board with seven seconds left, sideline out of bounds? No idea.

"I don't get lost in the light show, I care about what's real and I think this search if kind of a bust," Valenti said.

Howard steps into the shoes of John Beilein, who was universally respected and objectively one of the 10-15 best coaches in college basketball. 

"You're going to go from that to someone who has zero experience?" Valenti asked. "Zero!"

The school's only defense, Valenti said, is, 'But he played here."

He asked what other elite college in America would have done this. The answer? None. "It's the most Michigan thing ever, go for the sizzle, go for the light show."

"Hiring Juwan Howard is nothing more than a PR stunt and an admission you couldn't get a quality candidate in here," he said, adding the hire is disrespectful to Beilein.