Mike Valenti: The Lions Can't Hurt You Anymore

They showed their ass, and that's a good thing.

The Valenti Show
November 05, 2018 - 3:42 pm

Getty Images / Hannah Foslien


(97.1 The Ticket) After 60 years of dishonesty, the Detroit lions went to Minnesota and showed fans who they are.

And that's good news, according to Mike Valenti. Why? They can't hurt you anymore.

Using Golden Tate's absence as an excuse doesn't work for Valenti. He was there for Seattle, and it didn't matter.

"Don't do what that (Lions) broadcast did, don't delude yourself into thinking if you had Golden Tate it would be all right," he said, adding, "That was a loser performance. Do not absolve them."

He added you can't just blame one person for the embarrassment on the field.

TJ Lang can't stay in a game, the offense was nightmarish, a total disaster, Matthew Stafford held on to the ball too long; Matt Patricia and Jim Bob Cooter didn't inspire an A plus effort.

"I thought his tenure was going to be a disaster," Valenti said of Patricia, and now he feels he's been proven correct. Four of Patricia's eight NFL games so far as a head coach earned an F grade, per Valenti.

He said he likes it when teams that are bad, are just bad, and they don't play with your emotions. So what the Lions did, in his eyes, was good news.

"The overall effort, the overall preparation, those are the bigger issues," he said, adding, "This is a 9 and 7 football team that kind of looks like they're going 3 and 7 ... And effort is a major problem."