Mike Valenti Says All Is Not Awesome For MSU After Big Penn State Win

Penn State contributed to their own demise

The Valenti Show
October 15, 2018 - 4:21 pm



(97.1 The Ticket) Mike Valenti warned he was battling a migraine Monday afternoon,  so anyone expecting a raging rant was going to be disappointed. But that didn't stop him from launching right into his takes on Michigan and Michigan State's big wins over the weekend.

"It's probably from having Dantonio's nuts draped over my head all weekend. That's probably a likely cause," Valenti said of his headache. He added his passion for MSU sometimes gets in the way of his viewpoint on the team.

A week ago, Dantonio acknowledged the team had low energy, Valenti said. This week they went on the road to Penn State off a bye week, and tore up the favored team. "You just look at it and go 'This is impossible,'" Valenti said. "I don't wanna take anything away because that staff deserves an unbelieveable amount of credit ... They changed."

He added the swagger was back, and the team was amazing. Watching the body language of the quarterback and the defense, there was energy again, enthusiasm, passion, and you can't take away from that, Valenti said.

But there's this: Everything is not awesome.

"Penn State, in that game, man did they contribute to their own demise," Valenti said.

He added he is more hopeful about the match up against Michigan than he was a week ago. He's more confident these players can produce a higher caliber of football than we've seen from them this season. Credit goes to the coaches and the players.

"MSU football is like the one thing I have in sports. This job has taken everything else. I can't be passionate about everything all the time because I'm a human being. I'm 37. I'm not a kid anymore. MSU football is that one very personal thing to me and I think what gets in the way for me is I so fiercely want this thing to get back to where it was that anything I view as inefficient or flawed, I launch ... It's flawed, but it's me."

What happens next? Valenti said he has no clue. Dantonio looks like two different people; The team looks like two separate teams.