Mike Valenti Says He Doesn't Understand How The Detroit Lions Have Any Fans Left

They get fans excited just to turn and kick them down the stairs.

The Valenti Show
October 29, 2018 - 3:24 pm

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It was brutal.

The Detroit Lions took a lashing against the Seattle Seahawks, a team they were expected to beat. Of course, in true Lions fashion, they won the games they weren't supposed to win, and lost the easy ones.

Mike Valenti doesn't get it. Specifically, what he doesn't understand is how Detroit's NFL team has any fans at all.

"I don't get it," he said Monday. "I really don't. Because the minute you start to believe in them and go, 'Jeeze, they're .500, got a little shot. They're at home. Seattle's not that good. They should be all right ... No ... They got butchered yesterday.

"If you want to get fooled, I can't save you," he added. "You are too dumb to be saved."

At 7-0 on Sunday, the Lions decided they just weren't going to play anymore, Valenti said. So, how can fans stand by for that? 

"It's like 'all right, so what, I root for them to beat Minnesota? No, I don't. It makes me angry. Just go away."

He added he can't take the Lions' annual dance of unlikely wins and unexpected losses anymore.

"You got gutted ... I just, I don't know. I don't really know what to say. This team just breaks you. I'm not a fan of them, you kow that. But I get frustrated having to watch them."

Valenti said he isn't going to let quarterback Matt Stafford -- who he called the speak-and-spell quarterback who communicates only in cliches -- fool him anymore.

Stafford hasn't offered honest commentary from the podium in a decade, Valenti said.

"I don't want to hear it anymore, I'm tired," he said, adding the Lions are playing psychological warfare. They've never done anything, ever. They get fans excited just to turn and kick them down the stairs.

Valenti said he hopes Minnesota throws the Lions in a trash compactor.