Mike Valenti Says Spartan Stadium Will Be Half Filled With Maize And Blue During Big U-M, MSU Game

"You're fulfilling every stereotype of the Little Bro narrative," he said.

The Valenti Show
October 10, 2018 - 11:39 am



(97.1 The Ticket) Mike Valenti unleashed a fiery state of the state address Monday about Michigan State University's beleaguered football program where he said Mark Dantonio is destroying the program he built. He hires his friends, he refuses to switch out staff when they fail, and he won't update his scheme. Guilty, per Valenti.

Dantonio defended his program later, saying his formula for success is if you can run it 40 times, you've got a pretty good chance to win. "That's been our success," Dantonio said.  He added of his scheme that he didn't want to recreate the wheel. On assistants, he said he likes to allow them to do their job with confidence and without micromanagement.  

"We've won a lot of football games here and our attitude is very, very good," Dantonio said.

His words didn't sit well with Valenti, an ardent fan of MSU, who doubled down on his criticism, saying Dantonio solidified his belief that he's is living in the past. He compared it to what it must feel like on the deck of the Titanic as the boat was sinking.

"This has to be the feeling of imminent doom," he said, adding State might lose big to Penn State and Michigan. He predicted a 5-7 or 6-6 season while Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State aren't going to slow down.

He predicted Spartan Stadium will be half-filled with maize and blue fans during the upcoming match-up between Michigan and MSU because Spartan fans have given up. "Michigan is rightfully going to be out for blood," he said.

He went so far as to say Michigan state is showing its true colors as a program that is not big time.

"You're fulfilling every stereotype of the Little Bro narrative," he said.