Mike Valenti: Stafford, Lions To Face Zero Consequences In 2019

No matter what happens, it’ll be same old Lions in 2020

May 01, 2019 - 3:19 pm

What a difference a year can make. This time last season the Detroit Lions were coming off of a 9-7 season, just missing the playoffs. General Manager Bob Quinn was convinced the team was too good to not be in the playoffs and they moved on from Head Coach Jim Caldwell.

In comes Matt Patricia, a highly sought after defensive coordinator from the New England Patriots, to take the reins and push this team to greatness.

That didn’t happen. The Lions had a disappointing 2018, going 6-10 and coming in dead last in the NFC North. Fans wanted someone to get blamed, they wanted to see actions against not only Patricia and Quinn, but quarterback Matthew Stafford as welll.

Mike Valenti thinks you’re wasting your time if you expect to see changes in the near future.

“There’s a lack of consequences in Detroit. The Lions, it's the same deal. You have the contract with the GM and lines up with the coach and the quarterback. You’re paying them through 2021. There, in my mind, I don’t think it matters what happens this year. There will be no consequences.”

Going into year two, opinions have changed on the Lions. The team is expected to finish well below of .500, playoffs are nothing more than a pipe dream. Regardless, Valenti thinks that Quinn, Patricia and Stafford need to be held accountable for their to be some kind of fallout.

“If this season goes the way all the national media thinks it’s going to go, where the Lions are one of the seven or eight worst team in the league, I’m firing Matt Patricia, I’m firing Bob Quinn and I’m have a complete regime change. Absolutely. But I don’t run the team. I’d be shocked if either of these guys lose their job. Shocked.”

However, Valenti is fairly confident that Stafford can play however he wants and he will never be at risk of losing his job.

“As for Stafford, forget it. I’ve given up. Stafford will outlast me in this town. He’ll be here for another 10 years, he’ll look like Eli Manning. He’ll look like Frank Castle the Punisher. His hair will be white by the time he is not the quarterback of the Lions. He’ll be going out there like old Otto Graham, they’ll never get rid of this guy.”