Mike Valenti Unleashes On Giants' GM Over Odell Beckham Trade

"I don't have a team."

The Valenti Show
March 13, 2019 - 2:14 pm

(97.1 The Ticket) Look, every Lions fan has called Mike Valenti at some point and said they had reached their breaking point.

In a turnabout, he says he reached it himself with his beloved New York Giants.

"Today's my breaking point," Valenti announced on his show. "My question for the people is 'What broke you?'"

GM Sam Gettleman said he didn't get Odell to trade him. Then he traded him. The Giants dumped a 25-year-old safety, a 26-year-old wide receiver and a 28-year-old pass-rusher: Landon Collins, Odell Beckham and Olivier Vernon, respectively. In return, they received guard Kevin Zeitler, safety Jabrill Peppers and two draft picks.

"All I wanted to do was take a pipe to Gettleman's face," Valenti said. "Either trade Odell or sign him, but you can't do both."

Overall, Valenti said when they kept Eli Manning and didn't draft Sam Darnold, he was upset, but "last night, Gettleman launched me off of the cliffs and now I'm face down on the rocks."

Holding nothing back, he called Manning a "mouth breathing rat," said Gettleman is a patsy, a brain-dead idiot, and said the Giants are now a laughingstock in the league.

"I don't have a football team," he added. The Giants have fallen so low they're now basically run by Matt Millen, the Lions are a better team. "I can't do this," Valenti said. Calling it a new low, he said Bob Quinn came out in a dominatrix outfit and paddled the Giants in the Snacks deal.

Valenti was questioned about his position by middays host Doug Karsch. Hasn't he said over and over the Lions should give up everything for a high draft pick? Does that mean the story changes when it comes to a team he actually likes?

Not so, Valenti said.

"I love tanking," he told Karsch. 

"You kow what the Giants don't have? They don't have a quarterback."