Mike Valenti: "You Want Change? Happy Thanksgiving. Go Bears"

He said Patricia is useless

The Valenti Show
November 25, 2019 - 3:24 pm

The Redskins aren't even trying and still they beat the Detroit Lions.

So, what value does the team and its coaches bring to the table? The way Mike Valenti sees it, Matt Patricia brings absolutely no value.

And in the real world, when you bring no value to your job, you lose it.

"What does Matt Patricia bring to the table? Tell me," Valenti said. No one did.

He added that if Patricia's Lions lose on Thanksgiving, he and Bob Quinn could both be gone. And fans have to demand it. "You want change? Happy Thanksgiving. Go Bears."

Valenti said this leadership regime is ruining the team. "This thing on your sidelines is 9-17- and 1 -- goodbye. There is no third year ... It's over."

Patricia's loss to the Redskins brings another new low for a team that finds new ways to lose every year.

"If Sheila Ford, If Martha Ford, if anyone in that power base has any shred of dignity, Matt Patricia will be fired. For 15 months, I've got no reason to believe otherwise."

He added Patricia is useless, except for wearing a beard, chewing a pencil and wearing a head-to-toe poncho no matter what the weather is.