Mike Valenti's State Of The State Rant: Mark Dantonio Destroying His Own Program [VIDEO]

"Saturday, you saw things from outer space."

The Valenti Show
October 09, 2018 - 9:47 am

(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)


Mike Valenti used to believe his beloved Michigan State football team was winning despite its terrible offense -- but at least they were winning.

Now as the team seems to be in spiral, Valenti took it to the people with an impassioned rant where he said what happened Saturday was more than just a game. The painful loss was a reckoning for even Mark Dantonio's strongest defenders.

"You have to look at how this entire thing is built and it ends up on the doormat of Dantonio," Valenti said, adding the scheme is so out of date, archaic and misguided that the team is starting out with an 0-2 count.

The hat trick here, Valenti says, is Dantonio hires "substandard, low rent" people like coordinator Dave Warner. "And you empower him year over year over year over year," Valenti said. "Dave Warner would not be employed as an offensive coordinator at another power five school. Fact. Argue it. Dave Warner is an atrocity even within this archaic scheme. Even with the constraints that Dantonio would put upon him. He's bad by even that standard. What happened on Saturday was a whole different brand. Saturday, you saw things from outer space. You saw a guy lose his mind. That was the equivalent of a day trader picking his stocks with a dart board because he's been on a cold run for six months."

Valenti got really fired up talking about Warner, yelling at one point about plays. "Northwestern had 11 people withing the five yards of scrimmage and yet you still ran it," he said, growing impassioned. "Get out! Get out! You are lousy. That ain't conservatism. That's not your head coach. That's not even the scheme. You're an idiot. That's what this is." 

He added, though Warner was his target, that this all falls at the feet of Dantonio, who is burning down his own program because he "wants to run a church group."

"It's just a collection of favors," Valenti said, adding Dantonio is employing people because he wants to play golf and have dinner with them.

"Dantonio's pride is destroying this program," he said.