Bill Walton Reminded Us During The Oregon-Colorado Game He Is A National Treasure [VIDEO]

Walton was on another level Thursday.

97.1 The Ticket
February 14, 2020 - 12:16 am
Bill Walton

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97.1 The Ticket -- If you've ever tuned in for some "Pac-12 After Dark," you've surely heard the dulcet tones of Bill Walton calling a college basketball game.

The former UCLA star and NBA journeyman has been calling games for "The Conference of Champions" for years. He's been known to get a little weird on air, from shouting out the Grateful Dead, to eating a lit cupcake, talking about bears fighting huskies, or even rubbing Temecula dirt on himself. The quirks are endless.

You know Walton's good for at least one "WTF" moment every game.

On Thursday night, the hits just kept coming.

In the middle of the big-time showdown between Oregon and Colorado, Walton started talking about grass. Yes, that kind of grass. And yes, his longtime partner Dave Pasch handled it as professionally as always.

ESPN continued its annual tradition of "Reese's Crossover," with some college announcers calling NBA games and vice versa. Mark Jackson took a foray into the college game Thursday night, joining Pasch and Walton in Eugene. During halftime, Walton picked up Jackson's notes and chucked them on the floor.

Jackson, who played more than 15 years in the NBA, including two stints with the Pacers, one of which came during Indiana's trip to the 2000 NBA Finals. Walton inexplicably started calling an imaginary play from that season. 

With just over five minutes to play.

In a top-20 matchup with major Pac-12 title implications.

Love him or hate him, you know you're always in for a good time with Walton on the call. Or at least a weird time.