Matthew Stafford Schools A Kid In Madden As Himself [VIDEO]

Are you going to let him do that to you?

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December 17, 2019 - 11:29 am

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports


By George Fox

What a great guy. That's my quarterback. Gracious even in victory, Matthew Stafford is seen on his wife Kelly's Instagram story tossing a bomb to a receiver in Madden on PS4. The hurt doesn't stop there as Stafford runs after the catch and dives into the endzone.

"You played too high. I had to throw it to the big man on the backside," said Matthew to the young man as Kelly Stafford laments with multiple oh nos.

Kelly asks the boy who just got burned by a grown man on his own turf, "are you going to let him do that to you?"

It's like when your kid thinks they're pretty good at Mario Kart and challenge you, but they didn't realize you've been honing your skills for many, many years. 

Picking the Green Bay Packers to go up against Stafford and his Lions was possibly a high-level troll attempt. Everyone knows Lions fans hate the Packers. 

The moment conjures the classic Chappelle Show sketch where Dave whips a kid's butt in Street Hoops video game on Playstation. 

"You can't deny me Billy! You can't deny me! It's too real for you!"