No Favors For Red Wings In NHL Draft Lottery

The league announced its Return To Play Plan Tuesday. 

Will Burchfield
May 26, 2020 - 5:33 pm

Despite talk of a revamped lottery for the 2020 NHL Draft, the league announced Tuesday that the normal odds will apply. 

So no favors for the Red Wings. 

Detroit will have an 18.5 percent chance of winning the No. 1 pick when the lottery is held June 26. It can slide as far as fourth. That's what the team envisioned when it clinched last place in the league back in March. 

But it's not what the Wings were hoping for when the idea for a new lottery surfaced earlier this month. That proposal, included in a league-wide memo, guaranteed the last-place team a top-two pick and gave it a 57 percent chance of picking first. 

Instead, the Wings will have a better chance of picking fourth than anywhere in the top three. 

The announcement on the lottery was part of the NHL's Return To Play Plan, which features a 24-team playoff comprised of the top 12 teams in each conference. 

The seven teams excluded will not resume play, meaning the season is over for the Red Wings. 

They'll turn their attention to the draft, and hope that the balls fall in their favor on June 26.