Orlovsky Blasts Patricia: Lions Have An 'Issue With Their Head Coach'

And this is coming from a noted Lions defender.

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March 23, 2020 - 11:57 am
Matt Patricia

Quinn Harris / Stringer


For better or worse, the Lions are committed to Matt Patricia for at least another year. It's for the worse, in the eyes of former Lions QB and NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky. 

After Darius Slay crushed Patricia on his way out the door last week, Orlovsky sounded off on Patricia's abrasive tactics as a head coach.

"I think the reality is this. The Ford family has now chosen a coach in Matt Patricia that has nine wins in two seasons, came in as a defensive mind and they're in the bottom third in basically every category last season when it comes to defensive football," Orlovsky said on ESPN's Get Up

And he was only getting started.

As for Patricia's incidents with Slay, namely that Patricia rebuked him for working out in the 2018 offseason with fellow cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib, Orlovsky was stunned. 

"Darius Slay is a guy, number one, that I was with. He's beloved in the locker room by his teammates. Number two, he leads the NFL in pass breakups since 2013. Number three, when you're a coach, you're supposed to figure out a way to build up your players," Orlovsky said. "Every coach that I've ever been around that was worth something, would always go, 'You will become who you spend your time with.'

"So yes, go work out with Aqib Talib and Richard Sherman. Figure out what has allowed them to play at such a high level and see if you can even become better. You don't talk like that to your players! Let alone one of the best players on your team. The Lions organization has an issue with their head coach, and that pains me to say because I root for them heavily."

Indeed, it's rare to hear Orlovsky openly criticize the Lions. He backs them at almost every turn. That he came down on Patricia in such emphatic fashion is a sign the problem might run deep. 

Patricia has one more year to come up with the solution.