Paul Finebaum: 'I've Been Abused' By Believing In Harbaugh

He says he's not a hater. Just the opposite, in fact.

Will Burchfield
June 08, 2020 - 1:59 pm

Paul Finebaum can't help himself. 

Ask him about coaches, and Jim Harbaugh enters the conversation. Ask him about overrated coaches, and Harbaugh becomes the conversation. 

In a recent interview with 247 Sports, Finebaum was asked about the latter -- and tried, at first, to name someone other than Harbaugh. 

"In deference to him, I just don’t think it’s fair to mention him in this conversation because I think that’s already been retired. I mean, that would be like, 'Wow, tell me something we don’t already know," Finebaum said. "I'm just thinking around the country." 

So Finebaum brought up Penn State's James Franklin, noting "he’s had teams that could have done better." 

"I don’t think 'overrated' is the appropriate word, but 'perplexed' is. I feel like his teams are always really good -- and I know that they’ve been to the Rose Bowl -- but I just feel like, at that level, maybe just a little bit below where I think he should be," said Finebaum. "But I’m still searching for the overrated card."


"Harbaugh's just -- Harbaugh is the most overrated coach in the country," Finebaum decided. "I’ll just go ahead and un-do what I said. There’s no getting around it. For what he makes, for that program, he wins the crown." 

But Finebaum wants you to know: he's not a hater. Just the opposite, in fact. He's been burned by the Wolverines too many times to believe they might break through, specifically against Ohio State. 

"I've believed in them a couple of times. I kept thinking, maybe they'll win at home. I'm not a hater. I've just been abused by Jim Harbaugh, in believing too often that he could get it done. He can't get it done," said Finebaum. 

And until Harbaugh proves otherwise, that narrative will persist.