Two Members Of Tigers 'Recovering' From COVID-19

The staff member is "not a baseball person," Avila said.

Will Burchfield
June 24, 2020 - 12:12 pm

With MLB set to resume spring training next week, Tigers general manager Al Avila said Wednesday that two members of the organization have recently tested positive for the coronavirus: one player and one staff person. 

"We recently just got that (news), so they’re obviously going the process of recovering as we speak," Avila said. "There’s not really much more I can mention on that, but no, they have not recovered. It was just a few days ago, so they’re still in the recovery stages and at some point they’ll be tested again." 

The staff member is "not a baseball person," Avila said. 

The player, whose availability for the start of spring training is likely in doubt, tested positive in Florida, which has recently seen a spike in COVID-19 cases. 

"The player was living in Florida, but was not working out at our facilities in Lakeland," Avila said. 

It's because of the conditions in Florida that the Tigers have opted to hold spring training in Detroit. 

"Lakeland would have been the best place from a baseball perspective with all the facilities that we have, but from a safety issue, after hearing MLB's recommendations and our medical experts, we thought it was the prudent and safe thing to do to come back to Detroit," Avila said. 

MLB is prepared to start the season either July 23 or July 24.