Will Winter Athletes Get Extra Eligibility? NCAA Exploring Options

It's a shame so many careers will end like this.

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March 13, 2020 - 2:33 pm
Winston, Simpson

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As much as it pained the fans to see college sports shut down on Thursday, no one was hurt more than the athletes. The senior athletes, in particular. 

Put yourself in the shoes of Cassius Winston. Or Zavier Simpson. Or any of their 2020 peers. Without a say in the matter, they watched their championship dreams -- and the rest of their college careers -- go up in smoke.

You can understand the sorrow

It wasn't just March Madness that was canceled, and it wasn't just the rest of the NCAA's winter season. It was the entirety of the spring season as well. Think about the number of student-athletes on the losing end of this equation, necessary though it was. 

To that end, the NCAA will reportedly grant spring athletes an extra year of eligibility. And it is exploring options for winter athletes as well. Could we see the likes of Winston and Simpson back on the floor? 

Don't count on it. 

It's just hard to imagine the NCAA treating winter and spring athletes the same. Most winter teams had already finished their seasons; the rest were close. Most spring teams had only just begun.

To use Winston as an example, even if Michigan State had gone the distance in the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA Tournament, he'd only lose about 20 percent of the season. It's an utter shame Winston has to end his career like this, but there's no logical way around it. 

Unless, of course, the NCAA allows every senior to return for postseason play in 2020. Who says no!?