Is The Notre Dame Game Make Or Break For Harbaugh?

The identity of Michigan football has been stripped, Sully said.

The Bogey & Wojo Show
August 22, 2018 - 2:42 pm

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(97.1 The Ticket) A die-hard Wolverine fan friend of Mike Valenti told the 97.1 The Ticket host if Michigan loses to Notre Dame, he's done with Jim Harbaugh.

Another pal, a guy who grew up Ann Arbor -- a lifetime fan --  texted in and said flat-out, "he's right, I agree with him." A third guy, another huge Michigan fan, did the same.

Are these guys alone?

"It kills them to agree with me or to bring me joy, but I didn't bring this up in any way, shape or form," Valenti said.  

Valenti thinks this trio of opinions proves fans are ready to turn on Harbaugh if he doesn't deliver.

"I root for my school, not the coach, Harbaugh should be on notice," another fan texted in agreement.

Going 2-8 against Michigan State and 1-9 against the Buckeyes is finally coming home to roost for Michigan fans, whom Valenti compared to Lions' fans. They've had enough of losing.

"The identity of winning, the culture of winning, is no longer there so you have fans who literally don't know what to do with themelves," producer Mike Sullivan said. Sully added it's a make or break year for Harbaugh, and the Notre Dame game is where his reputation rests.

If they lose to Notre Dame, the tone they set for the season is horrible.

If Michigan wins that first game, on the other hand, the hype will be unbelieveable, Sully said.