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Ohio State Trolls Winovich, Michigan With SNL Skit [VIDEO]

The 62-39 blowout was merely "a mirage," Winovich said last weekend.

December 11, 2018 - 2:47 pm

Nothing like pouring some salt in the wound -- or, in this case, kicking sand in your enemy's eyes. 

A couple weeks after humiliating Michigan in The Game, Ohio State reminded everyone -- Chase Winovich, in particular -- that the 62-39 blowout was, in fact, real. 

This comes after Winovich claimed at Michigan's award ceremony on Sunday, while accepting his team MVP award, that the result was merely "a mirage," an aberration within the program's upward trajectory: 

"I would say to any recruit or any potential guy who sees what happened in the Ohio State game and is persuaded against coming to Michigan because of that, I would say that alone is a mirage. And you should not be fooled. 

"What we've built here and what we'll continue to build is a powerhouse. That's the Michigan I'm leaving, a Michigan that's competitive in its trajectory. The sky is the limit."

The Buckeyes, naturally, had a little fun. Using an SNL skit featuring Kenan Thompson and Beck Bennett, they portrayed the Wolverines as two wanderers lost in the dessert, seeing things that aren't real. 

Like Michigan's ballyhooed defense, there was nothing real about the supermodel serving Thompson cold lemonade. 

Bummer for Kenan, bummer for Chase. 

Bingo for the Buckeyes.